Brainy Camps’ 2015 Camp Schedule is Available

Our 2015 camp schedule is available below.  Please check it out and enroll your child by clicking on REGISTER NOW above.  Be safe, live well and have fun!!

For those of you who are new to Brainy Camps, check out what we do, who we are and the wonderful opportunities available for your children.  Find the right camp by clicking on the”Camp” tab above. Enroll your child for a summer experience s/he will never forget.  Please be sure to check the dates of camp at the bottom of this page.

Brainy Camps Association

A subsidiary of Children’s
National Health System

Brainy Camps Association is a non-profit organization that provides residential summer camps, retreats, leadership training and transitional youth programs for children with severe chronic health conditions. We began our mission in 1994 with a camp for children with epilepsy. Twenty years later, we have expanded to include camps for youngsters with high functioning autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, neurofibromatosis, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, heart disease, Down syndrome, hemiplegic/diplegic cerebral palsy, transitional youth, and childhood obesity…

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Camp News and Happenings 

Brainy Camps 20-Year Reunion

We continue to celebrate Brainy Camps' 20th year of providing residential camps and services for children with chronic health conditions with a reunion of all past and present campers, families and supporters.  On June 14, we will welcome everyone to ... Read more

Brainy Camps 20th Anniversary Kickoff Event: Big Success

On September 12, 2014, Brainy Camps Association held our kickoff event celebrating our 20 years of service to children with chronic health conditions.  Hosted by the Ambassador of Bulgaria and the Azar Foundation for the Children of the World, H.... Read more


Brainy Camps 2015 Schedule

Counselor Training                                                                   June 12-June 14
CIT Training                                                                             June 13-June 14
Brainy Camps 20 Year Reunion                                               June 14
Camp Connect ASD (high functioning autism disorder)           June 20-June 26
Camp Connect TS (Tourette syndrome)                                 June 20-June 26
Camp Heartbeat (heart disease)                                             June 28-July 2
Camp Great Rock (epilepsy)                                                    July 5-July 11
Super Campers Always (sickle cell anemia)                             July 13-July 17
Camp Take Hold (cerebral palsy)                                            July 13-July 17
Camp New Friends (neurofibromatosis)                                  July 19-July 25
Take Charge Family Camp (type 1 diabetes, under 10)          July 26-July 27
Camp Take Charge (type 1 diabetes, 10 and older)                July 27-July 30
Next Step Transitions Camp (young adults)                             August 2-August 8
Camp Super Smile (Down syndrome)                                      August 4-August 8
Healthy Habits Family Camp (childhood obesity)                      TBA