Our campsite is nestled in the heart of the Shenandoah Mountains of West Virginia, on the grounds of Timber Ridge Camp, 90 miles west of Washington, DC. Our campsite address is 759 Timber Ridge Camp Road, High View, WV 26808. Because we are off the beaten track, we are not accessible by all car or cellphone GPS systems. We strongly suggest you download the  WAZE app on your phone and use our campsite address (759 Timber Ridge Camp Road, High View, WV) as your destination.

Click “More Options” on the map below to get directions to the campsite.

Directions from Children’s National in DC:

  1. Start out going east on Michigan Ave NW toward 1st St NW. (0.2 Mi)
  2. Turn right onto N Capitol St NW. (0.5 Mi)
  3. Turn slight right to stay on N Capitol St NW. (0.2 Mi)
  4. Take the 3rd right onto Rhode Island Ave NW / US-1 S. Continue  to follow Rhode Island Ave NW. Pass through 2 roundabouts. (1.9 Mi)
  5. Turn slight right onto M St NW. (1.5 Mi)
  6. Turn left onto US-29 S (Crossing into Virginia). (0.5 Mi)
  7. Turn right onto Lee Hwy / US-29 S. (0.5 Mi)
  8. Merge onto I-66 W toward Front Royal / Dulles Airport. (6.6 Mi)
  9. Merge onto VA-267 W via EXIT 67 toward I-495 N / Dulles Airport / Baltimore (Portions toll–Electronic toll collection only). (28.2 Mi)
  10. Merge onto VA-7 W via EXIT 1A on the left toward US-15  S/Leesburg / Warrenton. (35.4 Mi)
  11. Merge onto I-81 N toward Martinsburg. (2.1 Mi)
  12. Take the US-11 / VA-37 exit, EXIT 317, toward US-522 N / Winchester / US-50 W/ Stephenson. (0.2 Mi)
  13. Turn left onto US-11 S / Martinsburg Pike / VA-37 S. (0.5 Mi)
  14. Stay straight to go onto VA-37 S. (3.4 Mi)
  15. Take the US-50 exit toward Winchester / Romney. (0.3 Mi)
  16. Turn right onto Northwestern Pike / US-50 W. Continue to follow US-50 W. (11.2 Mi)
  17. Turn left onto VA-259 (Crossing into West Virginia). (4.3 Mi)
  18. Look for the big white sign that says Timber Ridge Church.  Directly across is Christian Church Road.  Turn there.
  19. Once you turn on Christian Church Road, follow the double yellow line for 1.6mi.
  20. Make left at S. Hooks Mill Road.
  21. Follow the blacktop road for 1.3mi to the yellow DEAD END sign.
  22. Make left at the camp signs.
  23. Go 0.1mi.
  24. Make right at fork to Timber Ridge Camp.