Brainy Camps 2019:  Registration is Open

Brainy Camps 2019 registration is open!!  For those of you who are new to Brainy Camps, check out who we are, what we do,  and the wonderful opportunities available for your children.  Find the right camp by clicking on the”Camp” tab above. Enroll your child for a summer experience s/he will never forget.  Please be sure to check the dates of camp on the bottom right of this page.

If you are interested in applying for our 2019 season, click REGISTER NOW at the top of the page and complete the 2019 Registration Form.  Parents of new campers will get a phone call shortly; our returning families will receive the usual emails and instructions on what to do next.

Staff, new and old: Scroll down on the Home Page and click STAFF APPLY ONLINE.  Be sure to complete the application in its entirety to ensure we receive it.  You, too, can expect a call shortly.

We cannot wait to see everyone this summer.  It is going to be a great one!!

Brainy Camps Association

A subsidiary of Children’s
National Health System

Brainy Camps Association is a non-profit organization that provides residential summer camps, retreats, leadership training and transitional youth programs for children with severe chronic health conditions. We began our mission in 1994 with a camp for children with epilepsy. Twenty three years later, we have expanded to include camps for youngsters with high functioning autism spectrum disorder, Tourette syndrome, neurofibromatosis, sickle cell anemia, diabetes, heart disease, Down syndrome, hemiplegic/diplegic cerebral palsy, youth transitioning to adulthood, hydrocephalus, and childhood obesity.

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Camp News and Happenings 

Brainy Camps 2018 Has A New Home

For years, it has been our dream to have our own campsite and we are finally ready to make that dream come true.   With the support of Children’s National, we have begun looking for property on which to build ... Read more

A Tribute to Nathan Alexander and SEIZureLIFE

Nathan Alexander was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009. Like 60% of all those with epilepsy, he had no idea what caused his seizures. In November, 2011, he had a seizure while driving and, as luck, fate, or the grace of ... Read more


Brainy Camps 2019 Calendar

Super  Campers Always (SICKLE CELL DISEASE)  June 17-21
Camp Heartbeat (HEART DISEASE) June 22-27
Camp Great Rock (EPILEPSY) June 29-July 5
Camp Take Hold (CEREBRAL PALSY) June 29-July 5
Camp Connect TS (TOURETTE SYNDROME) July 7-11
Camp Head Strong (HYDROCEPHALUS) July 7-11
Celiac Family Camp (CELIAC DISEASE) July 12-14
Camp Super Smile (DOWN SYNDROME) July 29-Aug 1
Camp New Friends (NEUROFIBROMATOSIS) Aug 3-9
Charge Family Camp(TYPE 1 DIATBETES, ages 5-9) Aug 10-11
Camp Take Charge (TYPE 1 DIABETES, ages 9-17) Aug 12-17
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