A Tribute to Nathan Alexander and SEIZureLIFE

Nathan Alexander was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009. Like 60% of all those with epilepsy, he had no idea what caused his seizures. In November, 2011, he had a seizure while driving and, as luck, fate, or the grace of God would have it, he walked away from the resulting car wreck with the burning desire to “take my life back from this illness that chose me.”

Nathan credits his love of all things fitness for saving him from this dark time in his life. He created SEIZureLIFE–a nonprofit organization supporting people with epilepsy– on November 3rd, 2012 after crossing the finish line of his first marathon one year to the day after suffering that fateful seizure while driving. In the last four years, he has run four marathons (a 26.2mi run) and two Ultra-marathons (anything longer than a 26.2mi run), raising over $5,500 for various epilepsy charities.

Nathan’s mission has evolved from a lone-man effort to one that involves family, friends and local businesses that support his cause. A couple years ago, he braved the intemperate weather of the Windy City and ran the Chicago marathon to raise money for SEIZureLIFE. More recently, two brewery hikes were held in Knoxville, TN and–with his brother, Corey, serving as the driving force–two brewery parties were held in Asheville, NC. Last January, Nathan ran a 50 mile ultra-marathon in Rising Fawn, GA and has plans to run another 50 mile marathon in Chattanooga, TN in the next two weeks. Finally, to mark the season of giving, a brewery in Asheville is selling holiday ornaments on behalf of SEIZureLIFE.

Through SEIZureLIFE, Nathan advocates for those who cannot run, lift, climb, hike, bike, swim, or seize their own lives. His goal is to inspire others to take charge of their lives, whatever obstacles they may face, and join him in his journey to reach a better life…a life without epilepsy.

Three years ago, Nathan found Brainy Camps/Bear Camps through an internet search for organizations that support people living with epilepsy. Since then, he has been raising money not just for our campers with epilepsy but for all the children with chronic health conditions who attend our camps. This year, he wants to raise $5000 to help us build a new fire pit on our campsite and through his many efforts he is well on his way to reaching this goal.

Please join with us in thanking Nathan for all his hard work, dedication and joy in making the lives of children with chronic health conditions just a little bit better. He is an inspiration to us all, truly living the Brainy Camps/Bear Camps motto: Have fun, be wise, and live well!

For more information about SEIZureLife visit Nathan’s website at http://www.seizurelife.today/.

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