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Brainy Camps Association wants to thank its many donors who have helped us grow into the organization we are today.  Starting as a small program serving 23 children with epilepsy in 1994, we now provide camps and services to over 500 children with 11 different chronic health conditions every year.  We could not do what we do without your support.

To Donate by Phone: 202-476-3181

To Donate by Mail: Make checks payable to Brainy Camps Association and send to Brainy Camps, Children's National Hospital, 1 Inventa Place, 4th Floor West, Silver Spring, MD 20910


*All donations are tax-deductible 

New Ways to Support Brainy Camps

In December 2020, Tripoint Solutions -- a Virginia-based SBA certified 8(a) small business that specializes in Business Information Services and Information Technology Consulting – became Brainy Camps’ first Community Sponsor, partnering with us to help ensure the stability of our campsite.  We hope other individuals and corporations who share our vision and mission chose to help us move forward in building our campsite and growing our programs and services.


Wellness Warrior – $1,000,000

Empowerment Patron – $500,000

Resilience Builder – $250,000

Community Sponsor – $100,000

Courageous Camper – $50,000

Honorable Mention:  Advocacy Donor -- $10,000

Our next project is to create a Memorial Garden on the grounds of our campsite in St. George, VA to honor the memory of the campers, staff members, and individuals with chronic health conditions lost over the last 26 years. We plan to build a “Pathway of Love” through the Memorial Garden, paved with inscribed bricks and bordered by personally dedicated benches, flower gardens, and trees.  Please help us make our Memorial Garden a reality.



1 inscribed brick -- $250

1 inscribed bronze plaque laid into the brick pathway -- $1000

1 bench/flower garden/tree with a dedication plaque -- $5000

Ever gone to a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or 7-Eleven and been asked if you would like to “round-up your total” to support a charity chosen by the store?  It is always a good cause but maybe not your charity of choice. 


Brainy Camps has been given the opportunity to be your chosen charity. Your spare change can turn into thousands of dollars of donations each year if we can get all our Brainy Camps families involved. This amazing opportunity has been made possible through Brainy Camps’ partnership with the Diabetes Education & Camping Associate (DECA) who is sponsoring our inclusion in this program. 


All you need to do is register your credit card(s) on our secure Round-Up page and start spending. Each transaction you make on the registered credit card(s) will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference will be donated to Brainy Camps.


For example, you go into a coffee shop, buy a coffee and donut for $5.68.  Your credit card will be charged $5.68 as always.  Behind the scenes, you just generated a $0.32 donation to Brainy Camps which will show up on your monthly credit card statement as a separate charge.


Once you are set up for Round-Up, you can set a limit of how much money can be rounded up each month. You will receive an email and/or text near the end of the month showing how much spare change you generated to support Brainy Camps. You can visit your account at any time to check on donations generated, change your monthly limit, or add/remove a credit card. 

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