Take Charge Family Camp

Fun, Supportive, and Empowering Environments for Youngsters with Diabetes and Their Families

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Take Charge Family Camp 2019:  August 10-11

Take Charge Family Camp offers young children with diabetes (ages 5-9) the opportunity to attend a 2-day overnight camp with their families so together they can learn about the condition and have fun during the process. Take Charge Family Camp was developed by Brainy Camps in conjunction with the Comprehensive Diabetes Program of Children’s National Health System.

In addition to fun, the goal of Take Charge Family Camp is to reduce the social isolation that is often associated with this condition, and increase knowledge and understanding of diabetes. The camp provides opportunities for youngsters and their families to work with professional staff and become more confident advocates and managers of their condition. Parents can feel comfortable that they are learning from trained and experienced doctors, nurses, diabetes educators, pump specialists and healthcare professionals who are experts in the field. Dr. Otilia Neacsu, endocrinologist of PSV Health, is the onsite physician for the family camp.

Condition specific camps have proven to be an effective way for children to learn more about their conditions and to develop adaptive behaviors. Family camps allow parents to connect with other families who are experiencing similar issues and form support networks that survive long after the end of camp. Families learn from each other and are offered hope for the future.  They gain a better understanding of the condition, their strengths and their ability to handle what lies ahead.

The cost of Take Charge Family Camp 2019 is $150/person.  Need based scholarships are available and payment plans can be arranged.  Please contact Brainy Camps at [email protected] more information.

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Take Charge Family Camp receives support from
The Leona M. & Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust through the New Venture Fund.