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Cerebral Palsy

Campers and counselors pose for a photo following a game of kickball.
Campers and counselors pose for a photo following a game of kickball.

Camp Take Hold

A Fun, Supportive Environment for Kids with Cerebral Palsy, Hemiparesis, Hemiplegia, and Diplegia

  • For Ages: 9-17

    Weekend Getaway: June 26 - 27
    5-Day Residential: June 26 - 30
    Hybrid (Weekend Getaway & Virtual Camp): June 26 - 27
    Virtual Camp: July 12 - 14

    Need-based scholarships are available and payment plans can be arranged.

    Medical Leader: Dr. Jeffrey Rabin, Acting Division Chief of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Children’s National. 

Campers participate in exercises with an OT.


Camp Take Hold offers children and teens with hemiparesis and hemiplegic or diplegic cerebral palsy, ages 9-17, 7 days and 6 nights of summer fun, social connections, and knowledge about their condition.

Camp Take Hold was developed by Brainy Camps in conjunction with the Department of Physical Medicine at Children’s National. Parents can feel comfortable that their children are under the constant care of trained and experienced doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. Headed by Dr. Jeffrey Rabin, MD, the campers work directly with physical and occupational therapists to improve the use of their extremities as they work and play with their peers. Through partially induced restraint, they are encouraged to use their involved side. Camp activities are utilized to reinforce the therapy.

Additionally, support and educational groups increase campers’ knowledge and understanding of their condition, encouraging them to become effective self-advocates and self-managers. Social isolation is reduced as is the stigma related to having the condition. Children and teens gain a better understanding of their condition, strengths and self-worth. Camp also provides parents with respite.

Campers participate in many fun summer activities adapted to accommodate their needs, including hiking, arts and crafts, canoeing, team sports, camp Olympics, swimming, yoga, and drama.

Please contact Brainy Camps at for more information. 


Camp Take Hold 2020 received support from: 
2019 Race for Every Child

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