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Transitional Youth

Campers and counselors sing songs by a campfire.
Campers and counselors sing songs by a campfire.

Camp Next Step

A camp for young adults who need assistance in moving forward

  • *** We have cancelled Next Step as its own camp this summer. We are encouraging our transitional youth to attend their condition specific camp. Contact us for assistance with registration. ***
    For Ages: Adults under 30
    Duration: varies
    Dates: varies
    Tuition: $200 per person
    Need-based scholarships are available and monthly payment plans can be arranged. 

    Medical Leader: Child Neurologist at Children’s National Health System

Camper Award Ceremony, Summer 2018

Camper Award Ceremony, Summer 2018

Virtual Camp Daily Schedule

10 am Morning Meet- Up

10:30 am First Activity

12:30 pm Bunk Brunch

2 pm Second Activity

3 pm Cabin/Chat Room; Support Groups


7 pm Evening Activity


Each day will begin and end with a Zoom session for all campers. Multiple smaller breakout sessions will be offered throughout the day where campers can choose activities that are of interest to them (i.e., crafts, yoga, scavenger hunt, games, etc.). They also will have the opportunity to participate in support groups led by our clinical psychologist and clinical social worker, as well as educational sessions led by medical experts in the conditions we serve. In addition, the campers will virtually meet together in “bunks” with their assigned counselors and bunkmates to create a feeling of unity and connection.  In the evening, the campers will participate in camp-wide virtual group activities like a “camp fire” sing-along and storytelling, talent show, and dance party. 





Camp Next Step is a 5-day/4-night camp for for young adults under 30 in need of assistance in becoming independent and self-sufficient. Dr. Amy Kao, Child Neurologist at Children’s National Health System, heads the medical team, providing 24/7 coverage of the camp.

For the first day of camp, participants focus on self-management of health care, performance of daily living activities, acquisition of effective social skills, and determination of future goals.   They incorporate what they learn by assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities in performing the same skills.  With one-on-one supervision by trained counselors, the Next Steppers assist the intellectually limited campers with their healthcare and personal care needs, aid them in their social interactions and help them to determine their immediate goals.   This invaluable hands-on experience is utilized by the young adults to discover their own strengths and interests and determine their next steps in life.

Throughout the camp days, the Next Step group have the opportunity to participate in a myriad of activities with their partners. They learn team-building skills through activities such as sports, skits, and camp Olympics. Group counseling sessions give them the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and feelings and evaluate their own performance. For four days, they are the assistants, helping others to be successful and, thus, creating their own success and feelings of self-worth.

Please contact Brainy Camps at for more information.

Next Step 2018 received support from the following: 
The ARC of Montgomery County, FACES (Finding A Cure of Epilepsy and Seizures) of NYU Langone Medical Center, and private donors

Photos from Camp Next Step & Super Smile 

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