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Partner with Brainy Camps to Reclaim Kindness

It’s time to #ReclaimKindness in our communities! Together with United Way of the National Capital Area, we are going to take back the kindness we’ve been missing during this year’s Do More 24 movement. 


Now this is our 2nd year participating in this fundraiser and we hope to have an even greater impact on the lives of campers and their families. Last year, we raised over a little $3,000 in 24-hours with this campaign! Those funds helped up to provide scholarships for campers who almost did not make it to camp because of the financial strain. 


This year we have even bigger plans! We are going for $5,000, enough to send at least 5 campers to camp on full scholarship at our longest camps. Brainy Camps continues to grow each year and the need for financial assistance increases along with it. Our community is always striving to help provide our camps with an experience of a lifetime. But we can’t do this without you! 


Not only do we need your donation, we need your help to spread the word. Please tell your friends and family why you believe in our work and encourage them to donate too! 


Join the movement on May 22 at Noon until May 23 at Noon and donate to be the change we all want to see! Bookmark our donate link today:


Early giving starts May 15 if you just can’t wait to get started! 


Thank you for helping us #ReclaimKindness and Do More for our community.

Once you donate Post the stickers to various social media platforms to spread the word about BCA and to show your support. 

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