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For press inquiries, please contact Michael Kaplan, Brainy Camps' outreach and media advisor, at


Brainy Camps 2019 registration is open!! For those of you who are new to Brainy Camps, explore the website to learn who we are, what we do, and the wonderful opportunities available for your children.

A schedule for the day's events includes pre-race activities, a 5K walk/run and a 100-yard kids dash

Join us in our 2018 Race for Every Child Fundraiser!!

We had yet another amazing summer and this newsletter will inform you about upcoming events and some experiences of parents and staff of BCA this year.

It's Spring!!! *For real this time!* School's almost over and the camp season is fast approaching. We are looking forward to another amazing summer! In this newsletter you will:
- Learn about a new and exciting 24-hour fundraiser for Brainy Camps
- Be introduced to another leader in the BCA community
- And read about one of our talented campers who is doing amazing things!

Hello everyone! We hope you have enjoyed your winter weather and are looking forward to the warmth of spring. In this edition, we discuss what you need to bring to camp, highlight a role model and leader in our community, and reveal the 2018 camp theme (HINT: you will have to get there by plane✈️, train

Hello everyone! We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday season and are settling back into the regular routine! In this edition of our newsletter we will talk about our new move, what you need to know about our new location and our plans for the future. We will start a new series in our newsletter that will showcase the wonderful staff and campers of the Brainy Camps community.

We are pleased to announce that BCA Newsletter, Edition 1, received many views from our camp community. We look forward to hearing from more of you this go-round.
Here, at Children's National, we are excited about the quickly approaching Halloween Costume Contest. We challenge you to send us your best costume photos which we will gladly share with the Brainy Camps community in our next Newsletter.

We had an amazing camp season this year! Through this newsletter, we hope everyone is able to stay connected. Our goal is to encourage you (campers, CITs, counselors, parents, volunteers and supporters) to tell stories from camp or everyday life that you think will help inspire others.

...Last month, Weinstein was honored at a fundraising dinner hosted by Elena Poptodorova, Bulgaria’s ambassador to the United States. Weinstein, who started out as a physical therapist, is today director of services and camps at CNMC’s Department of Neurology....

Brainy Camps provides a summer break for kids with Asperger's and autism. Karin Caifa has the details.

Children with chronic heart problems are getting the chance this week to feel normal by attending a special summer camp in the Valley...

Landon school helps raise money for Bethesda Charity.

WASHINGTON -- Summer camps just for kids with chronic diseases are booming _ places to learn about epilepsy or finally meet someone else with Tourette's tics or slice open a cow's heart to see what's wrong with their own.

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