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Campers pose for a photo.
Campers pose for a photo.

Training For Independence

Brainy Camps has created a new category for older teens applying for camp.  In addition to Counselors-In-Training and 1-on-1 Assistants, we have added a Training for Independence (TFI) category.  This is for select few of 16-19 year olds who would like to attend camp but are not ready to take on the responsibility of helping others.  They will participate in the camp program and, as a group, meet with the camp leaders who will help them to determine how best they can move towards their own independence and self-sufficiency.  Individual strengths and areas needing special focus will be highlighted.   During their time at camp, the TFI participants will work on at least one specific area of need (i.e., staying with a task through completion, knowing their own medication names and doses, following the camp rules, being on time, etc.) and, with the help of the camp leaders, begin to make changes in this area.  The goal is to have the TFI participants leave camp with a sense of success, knowing they are capable of making a change for toward their personal growth.

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